• Cairo

    Cairo Service Centre - 55 Abu Fawares st. behind the one-day hospital

  • Alex
    Alexandria Service Centre - 106 Al khedewy Street, in front of the old Italian school, next to Al Amri Mosque.
  • Delta
    1. Tanta Service Centre - Shuhada Street - 18 Alexandria Street, in front of Al tagneed are, Kafrat Al Segna.

    2. Al Mansoura Service Centre - 48 Abd Al Baki Street off, Al Seka Al Gedeeda, Al Huseineya, Al Mansoura

    3. Zagazig Service Centre - 41 Mansheyet Al Gamaa Street, after Zagazig University Stadium, Meet Ghamra road, Zagazig

  • Upper Egypt
    1. Al Minya Service Centre - 72 Adly Street, in front of the ambulance center.

    2. Sohag Service Centre - Nasser City - Elmadares Street - In Front Of Security Directorate

    3. Luxor Service Centre - Saad Zaghloul Street next to the train station behind the Zanussi gallery next to the hotel Ramoza

  • Canal
    1. Ismailia Service Centre - 165 Commercial Street - Sheikh Zayed.

    2. Port Said Service Centre - 7 Benma & Al Gomhoreya Street, Al Afrangy District

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