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We understand that laundry is a time-consuming and never-ending household chore. Zanussi offers you a range of durable and high-quality washing machines featuring technology to help you save time and energy, ensure your clothes live longer, which is better for our environment.

Washing machine capacity

Zanussi washing machines are available in various washing capacities up to 12 kgs. You can select a front load washing machine or top load washing machine, whichever suits your family’s needs.

Read our blog post discussing 10 key distinguishing factors between top load vs front load washers to help you decide which set up fits your needs and style.

Inverter Technology

Our PMM Inverter motor is quiet, durable, and backed by a 10-year warranty (motor parts only), for peace of mind. The total efficiency is much higher, the washing time is reduced by about 25% with the same washing performance and saving more energy.

Energy efficiency

Zanussi’s AutoSense feature allows you to adjust washing cycle time, water and energy. Your clothes will be washed nicely with up to 30% energy saving.

Washing program

To refresh the lightly soiled delicate or synthetic fabric with 20-minute Refresh program, fast and fresh!

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