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Welcome to the Zanussi washing machine product page 

A washing machine is one of the most essential appliances in any household. It keeps your clothes and fabrics clean and fragrant while saving you a lot of time and energy. 

Discover a broad selection of range of Zanussi front load & top load washing machines, designed in varied capacity (from 6kg to 12kg) with top-level efficiency.

When choosing a washing machine for your laundry room, there are three main factors to consider: size and capacity, type and features you might need. 

Washing machine capacity guide

There are two terms related to capacity that you might need to know before choosing a new washing machine for your laundry room: Washing capacity and Load capacity.

While the washing capacity refers to the maximum amount of clothes (in kg) that can be washed in one cycle, load capacity is about how many pieces of clothing you can put in each cycle.

Example: Let’s say you have a 7kg washing machine. This means:

  • In terms of washing capacity, it can hold up to 7kg of dry clothes in each cycle.

  • In terms of load capacity, it can hold up to 20 pieces of clothing in each cycle.

Choose washing machine capacity by family size

Here is a brief guide on how to choose the right washing machine according to your family size:

Washing machine capacity (kg) 

Family size 

6-7kg washing machines 

Singles or couples 

7-8kg washing machines 

2-3 members 

8-9kg washing machines 

3-5 members 

10+ kg washing machines 

5+ members 

Choose washing machine by load capacity

While the above capacity guide is easy to follow, you may find yourself questioning, "What if I have a small family of two or three, but we usually have heavy-duty loads for each cycle?". The below guideline on washing machine capacity and the corresponding number of clothes it can load might come in handy:

Washing machine capacity 

How many clothes 

6-7kg washing machines 

20 clothes 

7-8kg washing machines 

30-35 clothes 

8-9kg washing machines 

40 clothes 

10+ kg washing machines 

50 clothes 

>>>Find answers to common questions about washing machine 

Washing machine sizes

The washing machine you choose must accurately fit within the allocated space. In the below washing machine size chart, you will find common dimension ranges of a normal washing machine:

Washing machine type 


Top load washing machine 

W: 600mm, H: 960mm, D: 606mm 

Front load washing machine 

W: 600mm, H: 850mm, D: 615mm 

Washing machine types

Washing machines come in different types based on the number of functions and the level of manual work involved:

Semi-Automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machines have two separate tubs for washing and spin-drying, and you need to manually move your laundry from one to the other.

Fully Automatic washing machine

This type of washer features a single tub for both washing and drying, automating the entire washing process and thus, requiring minimal human intervention.

Depending on where clothes are loaded, fully automatic washing machines are categorized into two main types:

  • Front load washing machines: As the name suggests, these machines are loaded from the front. They’re well suited also for bigger items.

  • Top load automatic washing machines: They’re usually a bit cheaper than front-load washers but can be a bit rougher on your clothes if overloaded. Here is a comparison article regarding the differences between front-load and top-load washing machines for your further information. 

Other washing machine features

  • INVERTER TECHNOLOGY: Our PMM Inverter motor is quiet, durable, and backed by a 10-year warranty (motor parts only), for peace of mind. The total efficiency is much higher, the washing time is reduced by about 25% with the same washing performance and saving more energy.

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Zanussi’s AutoSense feature allows you to adjust washing cycle time, water and energy. Your clothes will be washed nicely with up to 30% energy saving. Learn more about practical energy saving tips for washing machines.

  • WASHING PROGRAM: To refresh the lightly soiled delicate or synthetic fabric with 20-minute Refresh program, fast and fresh!

Hopefully, our brief guide has provided you with some basic ideas on what to consider before buying a new laundry machine for your home. More helpful advice can be found in our comprehensive Washing machine buying guide.

Choose the best automatic washing machine with Zanussi

Zanussi washing machines offer a perfect laundry experience that protects your garments. With features like SteamCare that reduces wrinkles by 30% or the highly efficient EcoInverter motor, an Zanussi washing machine will save you money and become the cornerstone of your laundry room.

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