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Dishwasher benefits : 7 reasons why you should get one

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Getting a dishwasher is not just an excuse for not wanting to do the dishes. While it does significantly save you from cleaning duty, a dishwasher lets you achieve outstanding and hygienic cleaning results, with less energy and water compared to hand washing.


This article discusses benefits of the dishwasher, special dishwasher functions, and explains how to choose a suitable model for your household.


1. More time efficient


What if you gain back the time you lost from hand washing dishes? A dishwasher can significantly make post-meal cleanup effortless, so you have more time with your family or your hobbies.


Simply scrape off the food bits, load, and let the dishwasher do the washing until the drying. Cycle duration can even be adjusted to suit your schedule so you can unload when you can.


2. Save on utility bills


Using a dishwasher is actually more economical than hand washing. Experts have found that hand washing typically uses about 2.2 gallons of water every minute, whereas a dishwasher only uses about one and a half to five gallons — for the whole cycle.


Modern automatic dish washing machines also allow you to reduce your energy consumption, especially those with good energy efficiency ratings.




3. Lower environmental impact


Saving water and energy is another benefit of using dishwasher. With a dishwashing machine, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. This means you reduce the amount of energy used to treat, heat, and distribute your washing water.


You also divert more water to animal habitats and ecosystems, keeping the environment healthy.


4. Superior cleaning performance


A dishwasher can clean dishes just as well as hand washing. Whether greasy plastic containers or a rice cooker pot with hardened rice, items are thoroughly washed for spotless, squeaky-clean results — without pre-rinsing or scrubbing.


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5. More hygienic


Hand washing isn’t actually enough to remove disease-causing bacteria. Dishes have to be washed with very hot water (65°C) for five minutes to effectively sanitise them, which can burn your hands.


With dishwashers, you’re assured a deeper clean, and peace of mind, especially if you have toddlers or family members with allergies. Ensuring better hygiene is one of the most important dishwasher benefits.


6. A clutter-free kitchen


One of the advantages of dishwasher is to keep your sink and countertop mess-free, without any piles of plates in sight. Simply place dishes inside the dishwasher, and close.


The dishwasher serves as a hiding nook for when you can’t attend to the dishes yet, maintaining the tidiness of your kitchen even as you entertain guests or become occupied with work.




7. Softer hands


Your hands can become rough, dry, and itchy as they are constantly exposed to detergent and hot water. With a dishwasher, washing and scrubbing will be things of the past, giving you smoother and softer hands. There’s also less risk for injury when handling slippery dishes.


Verdict: Should I get a dishwasher?


With all the dishwasher benefits discussed, it’s an absolutely yes. Providing better performance, hygiene, and convenience, a dishwasher is a total game changer for all households, whether you’re a family or you live alone. And it goes beyond cleaning. From your habits to your carbon footprint, it can positively impact your whole lifestyle.


Check out our Dishwasher buying guide to find more helpful tips on how to choose the right dish washing machine for your kitchen or take home an Electrolux dishwasher to elevate your everyday cleaning.


Equipped with the following latest technologies, Zanussi freestanding and built-in dishwashers make post-meal clean-up so effortless that it doesn’t feel like a chore:


  • AirDry Technology: At the end of the wash cycle, the door automatically opens by 10cm, allowing moist, hot air to escape and fresh airflow to enter, aiding items in drying faster and spotlessly.
  • Customisable compartment: Zanussi dishwashers can fit dishes of all shapes and sizes. Enjoy efficient stacking and reduce the need for multiple cycles.
  • Hygiene Plus: Blast the dishes with a final rinse cycle temperature known to kill 99.99% of bacteria, for clean and sanitised dishes, glasses, pots, pans and more.

FAQs about dishwashers

  • What is the main use of a dishwasher?
    A dishwasher mainly functions to wash dirty plates, utensils, glassware, and cookware for low-effort cleaning. Items are loaded inside, then sprayed with warm water and detergent, rinsed, and dried.
  • Is it okay to use a dishwasher every day?
    A dishwasher can be used daily for everyday cleaning convenience. Just make sure to run it on full load for more water and energy efficiency. Some models have a half load setting, so you won’t need to wait until the evening or the next day to wash your dishes.
  • Can a dishwasher remove all bacteria?
    Apart from its regular cycle, a dishwasher needs to have a special sanitising programme to effectively sterilise dishware. Water temperature here needs to reach over 65°C, and items should be washed for at least five minutes.
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