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Refrigerator Buying guide

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It may have been a while since you have been in the market for a refrigerator, whilst their purpose hasn't changed there are many new technologies to keep your ingredients fresher for longer.

With more style and configuration options on offer, we want to help make the decision process easy by creating this helpful refrigerator buying guide.

1. Refrigerator Sizing: Things to consider

When finding the right refrigerator for your household, you need to look at the space your refrigerator will live, such as whether you will have enough space to both fit it and give it the breathing space it requires. If you are building a new kitchen, choose your appliances first and build the cabinetry around them as they are elements that need the most consideration.



Kitchen layout

When it comes to designing the space for your refrigerator, you need to think about how you’d like to move around the room. It will be important to make sure your kitchen and appliances work with you.

With your refrigerator, you need to ensure it fits within the cavity you have allocated for it, and it doesn’t need to be a tight squeeze as each refrigerator has its own ventilation or breathing space requirements.

How to choose refrigerator sizes

When choosing a refrigerator size or capacity, you will firstly need to think about what fits in your cavity space, however equally important to this is the consideration of your lifestyle and household size.


Lifestyle considerations may be things such as whether you need a large freezer space, high energy efficiency or a particular feature such as freezer on top or bottom.

Household size

Whether you are living in a family home or with housemates, the number of people in your household will affect what is ultimately the best refrigerator capacity for you. If you are on the fence about whether to go bigger or smaller, we advise you to go a little bit larger than you think as you will always at different times of the year, run out of space.

Household size (number of people)

Refrigerator capacity/volume (litres)

1 - 2 people

200 - 380 litres

3 - 4 people

350 - 530 litres

5+ people

440+ litres

Does it fit in your hallways and doorways?

You need to consider how much space you need to safely deliver your refrigerator into its new home, so make sure you measure the clearance before you buy.

What way does it need to open?

Whilst some refrigerators can have their doors reversed; it is essential to consider what way you need to have your refrigerator door open, which could be limited by cabinetry and walls.

2. Types of refrigerators


French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators are the large capacity refrigerator appliance perfect for any home. They come with plenty of storage and style options such as adjustable storage, as well as ice & water dispensers.

You can configure these into three sections - two refrigeration sections and one large freezer or two refrigeration sections and two freezer sections. Some models include a middle drawer which can be converted from refrigerator to freezer.

Ideal for:

  • Large family
  • Large kitchens
  • Entertainer

Capacity: 524 - 702L

Fresh fruit and vegetables, all week

TasteLockAuto maintains a humid environment to keep fruit and vegetables fresh and bursting with flavor for up to 7 days.* A membrane automatically releases excess moisture to reduce condensation and stop your produce from spoiling early.

Optimal cooling, optimal taste

TwinTech No Frost consists of two independent cooling systems that work together to keep your fridge functioning at its best, every day. One system keeps your freezer chilled, while the other controls the refrigerator to keep temperature & humidity levels stable.

Ice and water on demand

Enjoy chilled water and cubed or crushed ice through the fridge door whenever you need a refreshing drink.

Recommended Zanussi French door refrigerators for your choice:

EGP 100,290.00

  • Taste Lock
    • Flip Up Shelves
    • No Fingerprint
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EGP 100,290.00

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Top mount fridge freezer

A top mount refrigerator is a more traditional layout of single door refrigerator with the freezer placed at the top for eye level access for your frozen ingredients or treats. This style of refrigerator would be suitable for a small family or apartment living where you access your freezer quite regularly.

Ideal for:

  • Small family
  • Apartment living
  • Share House

Capacity: 230 - 536L

Fresh tasting ingredients for longer

Humidity control is important to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and limit your food wastage. This clever 0° ChillFresh box gives your fruit and vegetables the right amount moisture for them to stay fresh and tasty.

Keeping your refrigerator clean of fingerprints

Whether there are little fingerprints in your household or just adult ones, we know fingerprints on your refrigerator are a problem in every household. We have made selected refrigerator freezers with fingerprint resistant stainless steel, maintaining a picture-perfect look for your refrigerator at all.

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Space+ for maximum storage

The super tall Space+ fridge-freezer has extra height at the top for additional storage, and the large adjustable compartments let you customize your storage space. There's always room for putting away the weekly shop.

Frost free

With the No Frost Technology, gone are the days of needing to schedule in the freezer defrost.

Conveniently store your fruit and veggie

TasteLock allows you to adjust humidity levels in your crisper to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and tasty for longer.

Recommended top mount two door refrigerator from Zanussi:

EGP 35,910.00

  • NoFrost Technology
    • SpacePlus
    • Anti Fingerprint
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EGP 35,910.00

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  • TasteLock Crisper Keeps Food Fresh For Longer Time
    • TasteGuard Elminates Foul Odor
    • AirTower Circulates For Perfect Separate Cooling
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  • 406 Litres
    • TasteLock Crisper Keeps Food Fresh For Longer Time
    • TasteGuard Elminates Foul Odor
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  • 370 Litres
    • TasteLock Crisper Keeps Food Fresh For Longer Time
    • TasteGuard Elminates Foul Odor
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Bar Refrigerators

If you need more space for drinks or need a small refrigeration and freezer option for short stay accommodation, a bar refrigerator is worth your consideration. With shelving and full width ice box you are able to store your items the way you want to.

Ideal for:

  • Drinks storage
  • Student or short stay accommodation

Capacity: 100 - 138L

Here are some factors to consider when buying a bar refrigerator:

Convenient compact cooling

This compact mini fridge is ideal for smaller kitchen spaces or cold storage in other rooms. With a drawer for fresh produce and space for drinks and snacks, you have everything you need all tucked away.

Store big bottles

This fridge might be compact, but with Space+ design, it is large enough to store big bottles.

3. Warranty & Service


Subject to terms and conditions our refrigerators come with 5 years warranty in Egypt, following the date of purchase. Click here to view Terms and Conditions.

Support & Service

We have a Customer Care team available to assist you over the phone seven days a week, and a national network of experienced technicians and selected service agents. Offering a fixed price guarantee with no additional hidden labour costs, giving you peace of mind that your appliance is in good hands. Click here to contact customer care.

4. Top FAQs about refrigerators

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