Zanussi Oven Gas ZOG15311XK

Zanussi Oven Gas ZOG15311XK

  • ZOG15311XK
(362 reviews)
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  • High gloss enamel oven lining, easy to clean
  • Easy to clean door
  • Electric oven ignition
  • Thermocouple safety for the oven
  • Cooling fan
EGP 26,760.00
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Zanussi Oven Gas ZOG15311XK
(362 reviews)

Extra Large Cavity

The Zanussi Gas Oven has an extra large cavity with big grill surface that helps you with your roasting by giving you tasty even browning.

A faster, more convenient way to grill and brown

The grill makes grilling and browning quick and easy. It's the best way to brown your breakfast toast, grill kebabs and vegetables, and crisp up toppings.

Bake more in one go

With its huge 74-litre capacity, 25% larger baking tray and 5 shelf levels, Space+ gives you maximum oven space and flexibility.

The oven that automatically stops when you want it to

Perfectly cooked food made easy! Simply use the Set & Go function to pre-program the cooking time. Once it has elapsed, the oven automatically shuts itself off.

Try effortless rotisserie cooking at home

This automatic turnspit makes for effortless rotisserie cooking, slowly turning your meat until it is perfectly browned and crisp.

Keeping your oven clean just got easier!

No more awkward scrubbing! This oven has an interior door whose glass panes can be removed in a flash, so cleaning your oven is as easy as doing the dishes.


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