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Everyone will probably have garments collecting dust at the back of their closet - old-looking, stained, stretched, or faded. Many of these were new only a few months ago. Ninety percent of our garments are actually thrown away long before their intended lifespan. The culprit? Poor laundry habits.

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The efficiency of your washing machine depends greatly on the type of detergent and how you use it for washing.

However, there are many types of detergents in the market, making customers confused about the one they should choose. Some are designed to be used for hand washing, or with only washing machines; some are made for removing tough stains, and some are for delicate items like silk and woolen.

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Washing machines are essential parts of any home and can consume a lot of power. In this article, Zanussi shows you how you can save electricity when using your washing machine with the following tip.

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Getting a dishwasher is not just an excuse for not wanting to do the dishes. While it does significantly save you from cleaning duty, a dishwasher lets you achieve outstanding and hygienic cleaning results, with less energy and water compared to hand washing.

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Having the right refrigerator temperature settings not only helps you keep your food fresh, it also contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle in the process. Yet not everyone knows what the best refrigerator temperature for food is or even how to adjust refrigerator temperature control properly.

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Microwave ovens are a real game changer in the kitchen. They enable you to enjoy perfectly cooked and piping hot food within minutes. In this guide, we will show you how to use your Zanussi microwave oven in general and explain some specific usages you may not know about.

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A proper washing machine cleaning ensures its best performance. Refer to this ultimate DIY guide on how to clean a washing machine.


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A dishwasher is one of those home appliances that you never want to live without once you’ve used one. It’s extremely convenient and saves you time and money. However, many people never really get the best results out of their dishwasher because they either load it incorrectly, use the wrong program or make other mistakes in its operation.

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What are your laundry habits like? How you use a washing machine will impact your clothes, and water and energy use. That’s why every owner — whether a first-timer or an old-timer — should learn or relearn how to properly use their washing machine to maximise all its benefits.
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