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What are your laundry habits like? How you use a washing machine will impact your clothes, and water and energy use. That’s why every owner — whether a first-timer or an old-timer — should learn or relearn how to properly use their washing machine to maximise all its benefits.

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Your refrigerator might be the most crucial kitchen appliance. It undoubtedly plays has a critical job in keeping your food fresh and bacteria-free. Regular cleanings help on both counts.

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When it comes to buying a new washing machine, you usually look for products that can provide the proper care to your clothes, save time and energy, and are affordable. In addition to those popular factors, have you ever been confused by the differences between front load vs top load washing machines?

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Many families are now facing the dilemma of where to get their home appliances serviced, at an authorized service center or from a local mechanic.  In addition, with the massive amounts of information on the internet, many people start to believe that there are quick fixes and shortcuts to handling appliance repairs. Social media is flooded with DIY tips & tricks.  
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