Zanussi Hob Gas ZGH65414XA

Zanussi Hob Gas ZGH65414XA

  • ZGH65414XA
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  • 4 Burners
  • Speed Burners
  • Full Safety
  • Integrated Ignition
  • Enameled Pan Support
Zanussi Hob Gas ZGH65414XA
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Perfect Flame Regulation, for perfect temperature

The hob's responsive gas taps feature Perfect Flame Regulation. Giving you complete control over the temperature you want to cook your favourite dishes with.

Easy cooking, with Integrated Ignition

Get cooking quickly with Integrated Ignition. To activate the cooking zones, simply press the temperature knob down and turn.

Gas Safety built in

The built-in Gas Safety feature offers peace of mind in the kitchen. If the flame were to go out accidently while you're cooking, the hob will automatically switch the gas off, too.


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