5 reasons why authorized service center is important

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Many families are now facing the dilemma of where to get their home appliances serviced, at an authorized service center or from a local mechanic.  In addition, with the massive amounts of information on the internet, many people start to believe that there are quick fixes and shortcuts to handling appliance repairs. Social media is flooded with DIY tips & tricks.  

For instance, when searching for “Zanussi repairs near me” - you can become overwhelmed with the variety of options, prices, and locations available to you. In this blog post, Zanussi Egypt will be clarifying the differences between the types of repair shops and will review the benefits of choosing an Authorized Service Center. Read on! 

What is an authorized service center?

Authorized service center is either a person or company, that has been approved by the manufacture to perform maintenance or repair a product that is still under warranty.

Authorized service centers demonstrate competence and dependability. Most current devices have complicated electrical components that may be beyond the capabilities of the average technician at a neighborhood repair station.

Service centers are only authorized by an appliance manufacturer after they have been through an extensive process. This process is not merely about training, investigations into service history and positive customer experiences, as well as insurance liability coverage.

This extensive process means that as a consumer, you don’t need to worry about whether a service center is trustworthy. You have an assurance that this is a business you can trust.

Benefits of Bringing Repairs to Authorized Service Centers

1. Original OEM Spares

The most crucial aspect of any maintenance and repairing work is the quality and authenticity of the accessories or damaged parts. Certified service center always works as a part of the large manufacturing processes of any commodities. Thus, the parts available with them are hundred percent high-quality and original.

As certified by the manufactures, exclusive list of replacement parts is available in their inventory. This means customers can gain ready access to genuine parts.

While waiting for the new part arrive, do you really want to wash your dishes by hand for a couple of days or wash a load of laundry until the new part arrives? Instead, go to authorized center and take advantage of ready access to genuine parts.

2. Benefit of WARRANTY

Almost new purchase products come with a warranty. So, in case your devices have problems, it is very natural and common to visit your authorized service center, without having a second thought.

Luckily, the technicians at authorized service center are trained to understand all the warranty details in case you are not aware of activating all the coverage.

As many well-known brands, Zanussi care for our customers and products. All of our products come with warranty. Terms and coverage warranty details vary according to the products, varied from 5 to 10 years.

With a Zanussi warranty, if anything goes wrong, our specialist technicians will be there to fix it. The service is provided by professional technicians using genuine spare parts with a One- Year Zanussi guarantee effective at the date of repair.

3. Qualified technicians

Nowadays, machines, vehicles, equipment, or home appliances are technologically advanced, and in manufacturing terms, more complicated.

If you go to local vendors, higher chances of getting your devices wrongly repaired as they may not possess the right and sufficient skills when compared to a person working in the authorized service center.

Technicians at authorized center, in the contrary, receive specialist training that includes using test equipment for real world experience, studying products, and learning to estimate repair costs accurately.

4. Maintenance/Repair Record

Having your home appliances fixed in a certified service centers provide you with the compete repairing and maintenance history record. Thus, mechanics have extra insight of your devices and its previous check-up.

5. Cost-wise

Many housewives choose to visit local repairing businesses to save money because the cost of fixing there is cheaper than that of certified service facilities. They do not, however, consider the quality of the service, the quality of the spares utilized, or the warranty. Authorized center can be little more expensive, but the quality and trustworthiness cannot be compromised.

Authorized and unauthorized service center: Comparison


Authorized Service Center 

Unauthorized service center 


  • The warrant will not get void. 

  • The technicians are well-trained 

  • Genuine replacement parts 

  • The proper maintenance schedule is followed 

  • Quick repairs turnaround time 

  • Low budget 

  • Easy to find cheap replaced parts 


  •  A little bit higher than the unauthorized centers  

  • High workload 

  • Untrusted service 

  • Replacement parts used during the service may not be genuine 

  • Unqualified technicians 

Finding an ideal Zanussi customer service near you

If you are looking for fast, professional, and convenient Zanussi washing machines, cookers, water heaters or dishwashers... maintenance near you, we are your guys!

Zanussi authorized service center has locations in Cairo, Alex, Delta… Visit Zanussi service center page to find your closest one.

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