Zanussi 10kg Top load washing machine - Dark Grey

Zanussi 10kg Top load washing machine - Dark Grey

  • ZWT10710D
(296 reviews)
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  • Cyclonic Care System
  • Trio Jet System
  • Soft Closing Door
  • Digital Display
  • Quick Wash program
EGP 17,800.01
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Zanussi 10kg Top load washing machine - Dark Grey
(296 reviews)

In our advanced Family Care Top Load Flex with Cyclonic Care System No one enjoys unloading knotted and tangled clothes from the washer.

What's more, the knotting caused during the wash cycle results in clothes losing their shape over time. By gently lifting clothes from the bottom of the drum during the wash cycle, the Cyclonic care system reduces tangling and knotting. This helps to lower friction during the wash cycle to reduce wear and tear on your garments, keeping them looking new and in-shape for longer.

The Cyclonic care pulsators

The Cyclonic care pulsators prevent clothes from becoming tangled to reduce wear and tear.

Trio Jet system

Trio Jet system evenly distributes detergent and softener to clean deeply, whist also protecting garments from wear & tear.

Durable glass lid

With the durable glass lid with soft-closing hinges ensures safe and silent operation.

Easy to clean

Easy to clean filter can be conveniently removed to wash out fluff and detergent residue.

Quick wash program

Quick wash program Used for washing a small amount of clothes need refreshing, shorter time with good performance


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