Zanussi 10 KG Washing Machine ZW8F1168MS

Zanussi 10 KG Washing Machine ZW8F1168MS

  • ZW8F1168MS
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  • Auto Sense
  • 3-6-9 hour Delay Start stop
  • Extra Rinse
  • Easy Iron
  • Arabic Panel
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The Family Care ProSteam range - Giving your clothes the treatment they deserve

In our advanced Family Care ProSteam Machine with UltraCare System,detergents and softener are fully activated in water before they reach the load. ProSteam gives your garments a thorough and consistent clean, quickly and gently. Fabrics emerge from each cycle feeling and looking like new.

Every fiber stays soft. Wash after wash.

Your textures and colours completely preserved. Our UltraCare system premixes detergents and activates them with water before entering the drum guaranteeing that every fibre is reached and cleaned. With pre-mixed softener, every strand of fabric is reached and protected.

Less wrinkles and less ironing with PlusSteam option.

Adding steam to the end of the wash cycle so the fibres of your clothes relax and wrinkles are reduced by a third*. Without exposing them to the repeated heat of regular ironing, clothes retain their shape and texture for longer. * compared to the same machine without PlusSteam

Maximum care and superb cleaning in less than an hour

Special intensive cleaning programme, for your everyday Cotton items ensuring good wash performance in very short time. Maximum care and superb cleaning in less than an hour with the UltraWash program.

No over washing - Ensuring items retains their look and feel for longer.

Our AutoSense Pro function automatically adjusts the washing cycles to fabric types and load weights. Giving you the benefits of saving time and reducing energy and water consumption.

A longer life for your washing machine.

Thanks to the durable inverter motor, you can rely on this washing machine to last longer, with less maintenance, giving you peace of mind. In addition, it makes each cycle quieter.


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