Zanussi Oven Electrical ZOB35602XK

Zanussi Oven Electrical ZOB35602XK

  • ZOB35602XK
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  • High gloss enamel oven lining, easy to clean
EGP 8,395.01

Get more from your Multiplus oven at any cooking level

The Multiplus oven with ring element offers the ideal cooking function for any recipe, and its even heat distribution system lets you cook on several levels at once.

An easy way to make sure your food is ready when you want it to be

Thanks to this oven's timer function, you can easily make sure your food will be ready on time for serving.

Faster traditional grilling and browning

This dual grill is the perfect feature for making anything from crispy ribs to breakfast toast. It achieves traditional grilling and browning in less time.

Make your oven the most versatile tool in your kitchen

The bottom heat feature adds versatility to your oven. Use it to reheat foods like pies and pastries, or to warm up plates before serving.

Easier oven clean-up

This oven's very smooth enamel interior makes it easier for you to wipe grease and grime away.

More flexibility to cook for a crowd or for one person

This oven has extra shelf levels and a 74-litre capacity, so you can fit even your largest dishes inside. That way, cooking for a crowd is almost as easy as cooking for one person.


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