Zanussi Hob Gas / Glass ZGO78530BA

Zanussi Hob Gas / Glass ZGO78530BA

  • ZGO78530BA
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  • Speed Burner
  • Powerful Wok
  • Side Wok
  • Perfect Flame Regulation
  • Energy efficient cooking
5,390.00 EGP

Fast, energy-efficient cooking

Get quick, accurate cooking results with the Series 60 SpeedBurner gas hob. The burners are designed to directly heat the base of pots and pans. Saving up to 20% energy usage for boiling, frying or simmering.

SpeedBurner, for quicker cooking

Get cooking up to 20% faster with the our SpeedBurners. Unlike conventional gas hobs, the SpeedBurners' flames send heat directly to the base of pots and pans, for quick heating and energy saving, too. Perfect for boiling, simmering, searing and frying.

Maximising hob space with SideWok

The SideWok burner is designed for large pans and woks that would otherwise take up a lot of room. The standalone cooking zone has its own powerful gas burner and controls, so you can do more at once.

Cast Iron Grids, for the professional look

Strong Cast Iron Grids will give your hob a professional finish. The sturdy support will keep pots and pans flat, and their durable build will last for years.

Perfect Flame Regulation, for perfect temperature

The hob's responsive gas taps feature Perfect Flame Regulation. Giving you complete control over the temperature you want to cook your favourite dishes with.



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