Zanussi Hob Gas ZGH76534XS

Zanussi Hob Gas ZGH76534XS

  • ZGH76534XS
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  • Speed Burners
  • Full Safety
  • Integrated Ignition
  • Side Wok
  • Cast Iron Pan Support

More space and stability for all your pots and pans

Our pan support is designed to give you more space and stability for large cookware. Meaning that if you're putting a pot down or moving pans around, everything stays steady and secure.

Twice the heat means faster meals

The 4kw wok burner on our hob heats your pots and pans quickly. The two flame rings provide double the heat, meaning less time waiting and more time cooking.

A stylish frame that keeps spills contained

Not only is our bevelled hob frame a stylish statement in your kitchen, but also contains any spills. Keeping your worktop spotless and making cleaning even easier.

Stability for pans of every size and shape

The extended pan supports on our hob increase the stability of all your pots and pans – even the large ones. So no matter what meal you're making, your cookware is always safe and steady.

Hob control, dialled up

We've improved the responsiveness of the gas hob, so you can quickly and accurately control the power of the flame. Meaning that you can simply set the right temperature for your dish.

Press for instant heat

Press to immediately ignite the burner on this hob. The knob releases gas and activates a spark, providing you with an instant flame. No manual lighting, just a convenient start to cooking.


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