Zanussi 90 cm classic kitchen hood

Zanussi 90 cm classic kitchen hood

  • ZHT911X
(63 reviews)
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  • 90 CM Classic Type Cooker Hood
  • Anti Fingerprint Stainless Steel
  • 3 Speeds
  • Maximum Air Extraction Capacity 210 Cubic Meter/Hour
  • 2 LED Bulbs
EGP 9,559.99
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Zanussi 90 cm classic kitchen hood
(63 reviews)
Some classic appliance styles never disappear because they’re so easy and handy in use. For instance, take this traditional under-cabinet hood. It not only efficiently removes kitchen odours, it also fits neatly under a kitchen cabinet with only a slight protrusion.

The traditional under-cabinet choice – fits neatly in your kitchen

Easy and simple to use! This traditional, space-saving hood fits neatly under a kitchen cabinet with only a slight protrusion.

The canopy hood that saves you space

You can keep the air in your kitchen clean without compromising on space, thanks to the canopy hood from Zanussi. It installs directly into your overhead cabinet, taking up hardly any room. And because of its subtle design, it doesn't interfere with the style in your home.

Why spend more time cleaning appliances than you have to?

The aluminium cassette filter in this cooker hood is definitely low-maintenance. When it needs to be cleaned, simply pop it in the dishwasher!

Because cooking isn't always about 'one thing at a time'!

The front controls on this cooker hood let you easily reach and quickly adjust the speed level with one hand, even if you're doing something else with the other!


Installation type: Traditional, width 90 cm
Number of speeds: 3
Air extraction capacity (high/low): 365 / 230 m³/h.
Maximum noise level (high/low): 61/51 dB(A)
Air extraction or recirculation possible, if charcoal filter (optional accessory) installed.
Cooker hood lamps type and number: LED bulb, 2
Grease filter type and number: Paper, 1


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