Zanussi Air Conditioner ZS18V81CCHI

Zanussi Air Conditioner ZS18V81CCHI

  • ZS18V81CCHI
(23 reviews)
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  • 2.25 Horspower Inverter
  • Cool and Heat
  • Ionizer Technology
  • JetCool and JetHeat Mode
  • Silent Mode
EGP 23,499.00
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Zanussi Air Conditioner ZS18V81CCHI
(23 reviews)

Inverterr ++ motor

Kills 99% of bacteria, and removes odour with minimal maintenance or cleaning of the filter.
Air Flow Memory Air Flow Memory

Air Flow Memory

Air conditioner remembers the last horizontal blade position. The user does not have to fix the same position every time.
Jet Cool & Jet Heat Jet Cool & Jet Heat

Jet Cool & Jet Heat

Just press the button «Turbo» on the remote controller. The air conditioner will work in turbo mode to get the fast cooling or heating.


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