Washing machines

Too many are still living in the myth that hot means clean; more suds, whiter clothes.

Choose your detergents wisely:
• Wash your clothes at temperatures below 65 °C and make sure that your detergents work optimally at lower temperatures
• Accommodate your dosage to the type and load size and degree of dirt.
• Adjust dosage to local levels of water hardness. Your local water company will advise.
• By adequately pre-treating stains, laundry can be washed at lower temperatures.

Also think of:
- Add another shirt to your load. Too many washing machines run at under-capacity.

- Modern environment-friendly detergents such as compact detergents are proven effective.

- Higher temperatures are no longer necessary when using modern detergents such as compact detergents.

- Switch your washing machine off between loads - being left on stand-by results in unnecessary loss of energy. Avoid pre-washing cycle whenever possible.

- Regularly check and clean washing machine filters and pumps.

- Spin dry your clothes well before drying. When hang-drying indoors, clothes seize indoor heat to dry. The more effective your spin, the more efficiently you dry your clothes, and the less energy you are using to maintain an even in door temperature.