2100 Wattage PNC 900 257 720

High Gloss Blue


Color High Gloss Blue
Filtration level 0.0184
Filtration Microfilter non washable
Tubes Telescopic- Metal
Action radius 7,2
Noise level cleaner complete dB(A) - (IEC 60704-3) 84
Filter indicator Mechanical
Dust capacity (l) 1,6
Cord winder Yes
Nozzle floor Vario 500
Net Weight 7.1
Suction wattage 311.7
Max wattage 2100
Remote control No
Depth (mm) 445
Width (mm) 334
Height (mm) 221

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Helps keep the dust in the cleaner which contributes to cleaner air quality in the home.


The dirt is collected in a plastic dust bin. Simply remove the bin from the cleaner, empty and replace. You will never have to buy dustbags!

Telescopic tube

Special feature to adjust the lenghth of the tube,in order to easily operate the tube and reach more areas.

Variable power control

Variable power control enables you to adjust the power to suit the surface you are cleaning - floors, upholstery, rugs, curtains, stairs etc.

Foot operated pedals

The foot operated buttons reduce the need to bend down.

Integrated parking slots

Easy to park the nozzle in both vertical and horizontal position.

Cord Rewind

At the push of a button the cord automatically stores neatly inside the body of the cleaner.

Universal Floor Nozzle

Floor nozzle for both hard floor and carpet. Select the appropiate setting to adapt to the surface your are cleaning

Soft wheels

Soft wheels make sure that your floor doesn't get scratched during cleaning and mean less noise when pulling the cleaner around.


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2100 Wattage PNC 900 257 720

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