So you’re looking for the ideal washing machine. One that will save you time, energy, and money.
But you’re unsure where to start. Use this buying guide to help you compare and decide.


Whether you have a big laundry room or wash your clothes in the kitchen closet, Zanussi offers a range of washers and dryers designed to save space and quietly work while you’re busy with other things.

Washer/Dryer combi
Save even more space. Choose a washer/dryer combi with automatic wash and dry cycles that carries loads up to 6kg.

Energy Savings

Help the environment and your pocket by saving energy and water. Every little bit helps, and Zanussi A-rated washing machines are no exception. They perform with a low level of energy consumption, coupled with reduced water consumption for optimum energy savings.


Because the size and frequency of loads may vary, Zanussi machines are designed to save you time, energy, and water with every wash. 

7kg System
Toss bulky items like duvets and coats into a Zanussi 7, 8 or 10kg without a care – these super-capacity models let you wash big loads easier and much less often, saving you a lot of time and energy.


We don’t believe laundry should take up the whole weekend – especially when you could be spending it relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Automatic & Manual Spin
Spin speed can be automatically or manually reduced for a specific wash programme. So you’ll get your laundry out of the machine exactly when you need it.

Time management

Cut the time you spend on the laundry in half with this Quick Wash program. With this option, the total length of your washing cycle – whether it's for cottons, synthetics or delicates – will automatically be shortened by 50%. So you can speed up the laundry, load after load.


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