Choosing the Right Oven

Conventional or Adventurous?

Which cooking system is right for you? Our conventional and multifunction ovens combine simple yet cleverly designed features to make any cooking task easy and enjoyable.

Hot at the top, cool at the bottom – the conventional oven is a great choice for cooks who like to keep things simple.

Take your cooking skills to the next level with the multifunction oven. Additional functions like pizza and thermal grilling make cooking that much more enjoyable!

Fall in love with steam

Zanussi steam ovens cook food faster, preserve nutrients better, and give you more versatility than ever. They gently cook food from surface to core, drawing out the maximum flavour for the tastiest dishes you’ll ever experience.

Design, the Italian Way

Designed for living, Zanussi appliances combine ease of use and functional features with modern and stylish Italian flair. We didn’t leave out the cool details, either – like Anti-Fingerprint finishes and a range of colours including stainless steel, black, white, and stain-resistant enamel.

The oven that cleans itself!
Cleaning the oven is a dirty job, and we think it should be over with quickly and easily. So we did something about it, with our Pyrolitic self-cleaning oven. It heats up to 500º C to burn food residue until it becomes a fine ash that you simply wipe away when you have time. We like to think of it as doing away with elbow grease while you’re getting rid of oven grease – brilliant!

Occasional Cook or Master Chef?

Are you always whipping up Michelin-starred cuisine or is boiling water about as complicated as you like to get? Zanussi ovens meet both basic and ambitious needs. So if you need a helping hand, the oven will set the right time and the perfect temperature for you. Or if you feel the urge to impress with your culinary prowess, our double ovens let you prepare multiple dishes at once.

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