Smart Features

Smart Features

At Zanussi we start the development of all our appliances in the same way, by looking at the needs of people who are going to use them.

SMART Modern lifestyles mean people strive for a balance between design, aesthetics and above all convenience. Look for our many features below.

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Features that make your life easier

  • Saves you time
    Saves you time

    With a No Frost freezer, there's no need to defrost or to plan ahead – saving you even more time!

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  • Auto Clean
    Auto Clean

    With self-cleaning, let your device clean itself from impurities, dust and germs...

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  • Cold Plasma Purifier
    Cold Plasma Purifier

    A wide-range disinfectant and removes dust. It's environment-friendly disinfects and cleanses without pollutants.Only clean air enters the room...

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  • I Feel
    I Feel

    I feel is specific feature in Zanussi airconditions , by tracking aircondition to your place through the remote control...

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  • Sleep Economy
    Sleep Economy

    Sleep deep in a stabilized temperature and decrease your electricity consumption...

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  • Turbo

    Cools the room faster by using a super high fan. ...

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  • Louvers auto moves to distribute air to every corner of the room...

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Additional Features

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  • 5 Security Elements

    Zanussi Gaz Water Heater is characterized by the highest rates of safety due to five elements of safety.The most important elements are;...

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  • Auto Ignition

    Zanussi Gas water heater auto ignition run automatically when you open the water within 3 seconds ...

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  • Digital Control Screen

    Zanussi Electric Water Heater with Digital Control Screen you can see your temperature once you change it...

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  • Digital Screen Display

    Zanussi Gas Heater provided with digital screen to show the temperature ...

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  • Economic Power Consumption

    Zanussi give you Economic Power Consumption by smart design and sophisticated coating materials and insulation helps in reducing energy consumption...

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  • EG_EWH_LongLifePreformance

    With their attractive look,Calore Care Electric storage water heaters combine the European elegance with precise desgin and cutting-edge preformance...

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Additional Features

Always the perfect heating power – from saucepan to wok! Read more An easy way to make sure your food is ready when you want it to be Read more Auto Ignition Read more Blends in easily Read more
Built-in security for gas oven cooking Read more Classic look Read more Clean and reuse Read more Easier oven clean-up Read more
Easy Speed Read more Easy to install Read more Easy to program Read more Effortless cleaning, excellent results Read more
Enjoy a larger cooking space in a standard cut out space Read more Enjoy instant heat Read more Enjoy peace of mind with this timer's automatic oven switch-off Read more Enjoy the best of both worlds! Read more
Excellent Design and feel of Oven Cavity and Door Read more Faster traditional grilling and browning Read more Front controls that are easy for everyone! Read more Get more from your Multiplus oven at any cooking level Read more
Good cooking and great looking combined Read more Heat Distribution Read more Let your oven do the cooking with the minute minder feature Read more Make your oven the most versatile tool in your kitchen Read more
Makes gas cooking even easier and more carefree Read more Maximum Extraction Read more Microwave oven - the great 'cooking shortcut' appliance Read more More flexibility Read more
More flexibility to cook for a crowd or for one person Read more More flexibility to cook for a crowd or for one person Read more No more hunting around for the gas hob lighter again! Read more Push Button Read more
Reduce your worries about kids in the kitchen! Read more Relax and get on with other things while meals gets ready Read more Relax: everything is taken care of Read more Relax: everything is taken care of Read more
Safty Max - cooling fan Read more Safty max - Flame Safety Device Read more Safty max - One Hand Ignition Read more Save time and hassle at every meal Read more
Separate Control Read more Simple, straightforward push-button controls Read more Spend less time cooking, and more doing what you want to do Read more The safer way to create your favourite dish Read more
Try effortless rotisserie cooking at home Read more Warm Storage Compatment Read more Warmer Bottom Drawer Read more When you want to start cooking right away Read more
Whip up your own delicious stir-fried dishes Read more Whip up your own delicious stir-fried dishes Read more Wide Hood Read more Read more